Sunday, March 25, 2012

Abbie's Portraits and Cosmo's Bath

I brought home such a haul from the swap party last night!

I got:
  • Gray envelope-neck sweater
  • Maroon light-weight sweater with a built in maroon lacy cami
  • Charcoal super soft cowl-neck sweater
  • Bright blue short-sleeved ruffle-neck shirt
  • Raspberry track jacket (perfect for early morning runs!)
  • Brown cardigan
  • Gray and sea foam yoga pants (these fit me like a glove, and hallelujah for that because my tightest workout pants are starting to fall down)
  • Red graphic t-shirt
  • Black slinky short-sleeved wrap shirt
  • Blue sweater (my new office sweater!)
  • Brown 3/4 length crocheted sweater
  • Purple and gray flower print t-shirt 

It was such a fun party. We were there, just talking, for FIVE HOURS. I was so surprised when I realized the time. Fascinating conversation!

This morning Abbie and I woke up early and, after putting Cosmo out, ran day #3 of week #3 in c25k. Then we went with Pete to church where we met Mom. We got Bruegger's and Caribou after church (worth the points) and then Mom, Abbie, and I went back to my place to play with Cosmo and take Abbie's portraits. I was supposed to take them yesterday, but Abbie wouldn't have it, so I forced her to pose today. At first she didn't wanna...

So I let her ease into it by posing with Cosmo.

 It was touch-and-go when I got her by herself...

But then she proved herself a natural!

 By far my favorite picture of the day. This is my twin. Half-moon eyes, pure joy in her face. :) 

Then Mom distracted us by playing with Cosmo...

And I realized she looked super pretty in the sunlight, so I had to take her picture...

And then it became family portrait time!

Then we played with Cosmo a bit... 

And then Mom and Abbie managed to convince me that Cosmo needed a bath. You know, because he's been so itchy lately (and not at all because they wanted to see how cute he'd look all wet, I'm sure.)

I thought Cosmo was small before, but seeing him wet made me realize just how tiny he actually is. Baby!

After his bath, we wrapped him up tight in the towel his Auntie Marily made him.

I felt soooo guilty for putting him through that!

But once he was mostly dry, he was back to his old playful self!

And, of course, the minute he was clean he decided he was exceedingly curious about the dirt Pete uncovered while shifting rocks in the back yard. Sweet.

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1 comment :

  1. LOL, I love your photos of Cosmo and of the family! Sorry I was such a terrible subject--I know I didn't cooperate very well. :-) I couldn't help it.

    I had SO much fun with you and can't wait to see you again over Easter!


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