Monday, March 26, 2012

Dead Tired

Such a bad night last night. Cosmo howled all through the early morning. We resisted the urge to run to him and instead hoped he would use the puppy pad in his pen once he realized we weren't coming down to let him out. I got up at 5:30am to run and Pete (wide awake, just like me, thanks to the noise) went down to put Cosmo outside. While I was getting my running gear on, he came up to tell me that Cosmo had inexplicably escaped his pen, crapped all over the floor, and was howling because he couldn't get back into the pen (and his kennel).

Seriously, this is going to drive me nuts. HOW is he doing that??

Tonight I'm going to take a bunch of pictures of his pen and post them here so you guys can tell me what we're missing. Because it's something. Right now, my only explanation is that this puppy has found a way to shift solid matter with his mind.

By the way, despite the many lost hours of sleep, my run this morning was AWESOME. It was really, really cold to start and so by the time I got to the first 3 minutes of running, I was raring to go. It felt amazing to get my arms and legs pumping (and warm up my blood). Going uphill actually felt good because it made me so much warmer. I think another reason it felt so good to run was the fact that I laid in bed as still as possible (so Cosmo wouldn't hear me move and think I was getting up to rescue him) for soooo long this morning. Either way, this feeling was a stark contrast to the last time I ran the same route (Saturday) when Pandora decided to play some weird German techno music just as I was getting to a very nasty hill. Seriously, find me someone who wants to run to the sound of some kraut pumping out an order to "ZEIN, ZEIN, ZEIN, ZEIN!" repeatedly.

p.s. I can totally say kraut because I have some German ancestors.

OK, folks. Here are the pictures. What am I missing??

Is it possible he's escaping through this tiny little gap?? It seems like it would be so difficult!
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  1. First off, lol for the German comment. I would sy he's escaping through the gap. He might be jumping up a bit too.

  2. Is he going over? When they are determined, you would be surprised at what they can do!


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