Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh I Forgot

Totally forgot to mention the other day that after we brought Cosmo back from the vet, Big Boy went up and down the stairs for the first time!

We've pretty much kept him to the basement and the backyard this whole time because he was so freaked out by the rest of the house the first night we had him. We decided that he could explore the rest of the house when he got curious. Well, he has yet to get curious!

He seems to be highly suspicious of corners. So there are some spots in our basement he won't go near, like the tiny hallway that leads to the bathroom and laundry room. And he'll avoid walking near a corner at all costs. When he walks into his little room in the basement, instead of walking on the pathway between the couch and the wall, he'll go under our end table, behind the love seat, and around the ottoman so he can approach the room head-on instead of coming up to a blind corner. He's also afraid to go under the pool table. Sometimes. Other times he's fine. Here, I've drawn up a map of our basement with his "forbidden" zones and his "OK" route (I swear that I'm actually good at drawing when I want to be):

So anyway, he wasn't exploring. And when we got back from the vet, we decided to set him down in the kitchen and see how he took it. He was OK! He slowly started sniffing around and didn't die. Then, we went and sat on the stairs, and he seemed interested in getting to us, so we encouraged him and called to him and he slowly started to climb the steps! Then we had him explore the upstairs. The hallway, with all its doors, freaked him out, but then he realized he was safe and checked out each room. A little later, I sat with him as he tried to tackle going down the steps. He did one or two before getting gun shy, so I held out my arms so that he knew I'd catch him, and I encouraged him hardcore. I encouraged the piss out of that dog. He did one more stair, and then tried another and totally face planted. Cutest thing EVER.

After that trip down the stairs he decided he couldn't do it anymore. Plus, the shot he got at the vet made him very tired. So a few minutes later I realized he'd climbed back up the stairs, couldn't get down, and just fell asleep at the top. I carried him down and we were able to get him to sleep on a mat at our feet during a movie. Wish we could give him shots every day!

In other news, my brother informed me that puppy breath all smells the same because puppies release a pheromone that tells their pack that the puppy shouldn't be challenged and that he should be protected. Presh.

And my coworker Patty posted this hilarious video on Facebook. I think I'm across between the girly runner and the stiff runner!

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  1. I LOVE the flightless bird runner!

    I also love that Cosmo can't go in 75% of the basement because he's scared. Adorbs.

  2. Love the awkward runners! Poor little Cosmo, it's never fun to face-plant, even if its cute. I wish you would have gotten a video of that!


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