Saturday, March 24, 2012

So Many Things!

I feel like I have so much to talk about--I'm going to have to work very hard to keep this post from getting too long-winded!


OK, first thing's first: it's Saturday and I have run five times this week. That means that when Abbie and I go for our run tomorrow, I'll be on workout #6 for the week. Running machine right here! Whoo!

This morning I thought I'd try moving onto day #1 of week #4 in c25k, since I feel like I've rerun week #3's workouts a billion times now. It went far better than I expected! I got winded, but I managed to keep running the entire time. I even took my last 5-minute spurt of running going uphill (Eagan has waay too many hills)! But even though week #4 is off to a good start, I'm looking forward to running another week #3 workout with Abbie tomorrow. Running with a partner is SO much better, which is why I'm also excited for Pete to join me a few times next week, as he has promised. Speaking of running partners, check out Abbie's new blog if you haven't already.

We decided to take monthly pictures of Little C next to a beer growler. It's currently just a little taller than him and we're excited to watch him grow and tower over it!

Our pup is thriving in his new home. We discovered that he's a little sweetheart who can't stand to be without his Mommy (his Daddy vacuumed the basement a few days ago and Cosmo hasn't quite forgiven him, but they'll be thick as thieves soon enough). Seriously, some mornings I'll try to let him out and even though he's held it all night long, he can't bring himself to go outside until he's had his fill of nuzzling me. How adorable is that?

He continues to mouth hard-core. But he rarely bites down hard, and when he does, I make a loud noise ("Ow!" or a yelp) and leave the room.

And he's learning so quickly--we've only had him for a week and he's already learned his name and how to "sit." He's also completely baffled his parents by escaping almost every configuration we can come up with to keep him in his pen. First he started out crawling under the baby gate, so we put a wide board along the bottom. Then he figured out he could squeeze through the slats above the board (he did this for the first time right in front of his Mommy so he could get to her). We leaned an enormous piece of wood against the gate that was a little taller than it. Somehow he managed to get out. How? Not sure. Jumping? Levitation?

So we kept the enormous piece of wood up and stood the first board on-end, leaning it against the corner between the gate and the kennel. That seemed to keep him in last night. When he's able to get out of his pen, he'll poo as close to the backdoor as he can get. When he can't escape, he holds it, the poor guy. He is not down with using the puppy pad we've placed in the pen for him. I'm very worried about how Monday will go when both Pete and I have to be at work the full 8 hours.

He loves belly scratches. But sometimes he's not in the mood to stay for pictures, as you see...

Also, we're having a hard time getting him on an eating schedule. When we put the food down, he prefers to pick at it leisurely. We keep taking it away after about a half-hour to show him that he won't get food for a few hours if he doesn't eat it now, but it hasn't sunk in. We really want to avoid free-feeding him because that will just make it harder on his bladder and bowels when we're not there to let him out in the middle of the day (especially if he's not going to use the puppy pad). But if he doesn't eat his food in the morning, that's going to be rough on him, too. So we might just have to choose the lesser of two evils.


I realized that I never posted the "after" pictures of the two closets Pete revamped.

Office closet

Guest room closet
Shelves already full...

I also thought I'd snap a few pictures of his latest project, the crawl space.

The bricks he's laying down so our stuff doesn't have to sit on dirt

Now you can see why I think it's creepy. You can also see how much space it has freed up in the garage (these shelves used to be filled with bins).


Last night I got a hair cut. I think it's a little short--this length is too "Shirley Temple" to me, but it's nice to have short hair again!


Today, Abbie is coming to our house, and before we head to Julie's clothes swap party (SO EXCITED!), I'm determined to take portraits of her. As a fabulous photographer, she's captured many people on film, but rarely gets in front of the lens herself. I think it's high time someone takes a few shots of her pretty mug. :)

Look for the results of the swap party and the portraits tomorrow!

Whew! Done.
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  1. What a great post today, so much news, so many great pictures, including your darling haircut. Keep those pictures of Cosmo coming!
    See you tomorrow.


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