Saturday, March 31, 2012

Soooo Big!

Guys, Cosmo is growing so fast! Just a few days ago I was posting about how this little cutie is too afraid go around corners or near the stairs. This morning, he managed to escape his pen yet again (I think I left an inch-wide gap somewhere), braved going up two flights of stairs, and marched into our bedroom to whine at us at 7:30am. Oh wait. Back up. Before coming into our bedroom, he pooped twice in the house (two different levels, no less!) and peed on a rug. So that was nice.

After scrubbing the carpets, Pete and I went on a run together. About five minutes into it, I started thinking I'd made a huge mistake. I had assumed that since I've been running for the past six weeks and Pete has not, that our abilities would even out. No chance. He's miles faster than me. I'd like to believe it's just the longer legs, but something tells me that the differences in our BMIs and general fitness might have something to do with it.

Needless to say, I ran a bit faster than I normally do. Five minutes toward the end of the run, I started thinking that I need to bring him more often. His presence sure pushes me!

After the run, we went to a birthday party for Pete's cousins' 1-year-old, Ethan. It was a fun time, but we ended up sneaking out early (there are only so many toy trucks and books you can ooh and ahh over). Then Pete's parents came over to our house to see Cosmo. It was Pete's dad's first time meeting him, but his mom had met him the first weekend we got him. It was interesting to hear her response to how much he's grown. Living with Little C, we don't really notice his growth. That got me wondering just how much he's changed. So I grabbed my camera to take a few head shots. Here's a "then" and "now."


Granted, the camera was a lot closer to him this time, so his nose looks all out of proportion...but that's a big difference, no? And it's only about two weeks later!

He's still cute as a button, but his ears are definitely taller and less floppy!

Mr. Tall Ears

And lest you start thinking he's huge, here he is at my feet. Still just a li'l guy!

By the way, I had a request for an updated picture of the wall in the backyard. Here's Pete's progress so far.

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  1. Noooooo! Too much growing! I suppose it's only fair that I miss his tiny stage since I didn't bring Aubrie home sooner.... He's going to be HUGE by the time we leave! Although, so will Aubrie...

  2. I think we should have Aubrie try and ride Cosmo... just saying'.

    1. I don't think he would like that... Aubrie would love it if she could sit and balance and stuff!

  3. Wow he does look a lot bigger then when i saw him!

  4. Pete's wall is really coming along. What a hard's amazing that he has so much time to work on it, what with being a new pet owner and all.

  5. I had Cosmo meeting Lafite today. I haven't seen Lafite since I got Cosmo. I could NOT get over how enormous Lafite seemed. Was he always this long? This wide? I know that a year from now, when Cosmo is closer to 30 pounds, I'll be floored at how tiny Lafite seems.


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