Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-In: 30 Pounds Lost and Work Out Room Pics

Well, 30.4 pounds, to be exact. I'm at 169.2 lbs. Awesomes! So good to be in the 160s, finally. I now officially weigh less than I did on my 17th birthday, 10 years ago. W00t!

OK, so I've got the rest of the pictures from our workout room. 

First, a few before shots...

Very early stages
After we did some cleaning out
When the room was solely dedicated to Little C (look how young he is!)

We still need to find a set of dumbbells and a bench (our Craigslist find fell through this weekend), but the room itself is done. We busted butt last night to get the curtains and artwork up, and at about 11:30pm I brought my camera in to take pictures and got a "change battery pack" message. There was no way I was going to wait for the battery charge, so I fired up the trusty iPhone camera.

So first, each of the four corners of the room...

And the awesome art work. Yes we printed these images from the Internet. Why do you ask?

The mirror, the padded floor (great for "get-ups"!), and Cosmo sniffing the fan...

The curtains I hemmed so they perfectly cover the window and skim the ledge...

And a few older project that I think are funny:

The reinforcement Pete added to my treadmill (after I bought it from a friend) so the tray would stop falling off...

the wood Pete added to Cosmo's kennel so the gate would slide in and lock easily...

Coat hooks he used to hang our snowboards (Pete's in the foreground, mine in the middle, my sister's on the right)...

And from this weekend: a stopper to keep the gate from slamming into the wall when Cosmo pushes out of it...

No silly, you face the other way when you're getting your cardio in!

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    1. Really? Yes!!! Pete and I miss having you stay with us.

    2. It's almost summer and when I come home I'll be staying with you whether you like it or not.... Cause you have a puppy.

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    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Oh! And congrats on hitting the 160s!!!! You go girl!

  3. Congratulations on another goal! You're so in the zone and now you've got a sweet room to do your routines in too. Nice!!


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