Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back At It

Finally! Two great workouts! I felt like I hadn't taxed my body in forever (really, just since Thursday). Luckily, I was able to fit in the Shred last night after work. I really wanted to run, too, but I just didn't have time because we had to go to my mom's house to move furniture up from the basement. Abbie came over to eat dinner with us, which was fun. I had her pick up some extra spinach, frozen fruit, and juice on her way so we could make smoothies to take to my mom's. Mom was bribing everyone with pizza and I knew we'd need something to take our minds off of that temptation. For that reason, I asked Pete to make us dinner (omelet with asparagus, spinach, tomatoes, and cheese). Then we packed up Cosmo and headed over to Apple Valley.

We met Pete's friend, Andy, at Mom's place. What a crazy sight to see the basement. Carpet torn up, walls knocked in...but you know what? The leak was really a blessing in disguise. Mom can redo the basement on the insurance company's dime (although she'll have to foot some of the bill). It's worth it just to get some of those crap pipes replaced.

We managed to move the furniture fairly quickly. I felt like such a wimp because I just couldn't take too much with my screwed up back. It was fine if it was an easy shape to carry, but the more cumbersome (bigger) items were impossible. I'm so ready to get back to normal. After we moved, Mom busted out the pizza. The smoothies almost worked. I had one bread stick, 5 points. Really, I did very well on the plan yesterday. I only used two of my weekly/activity points, above my daily target.

This morning I got up early and did walking/running intervals with Cosmo. Oh, he was in rare form. He absolutely REFUSED to run at first. And then, after a while, he decided to just collapse on his side in the grass. I dragged that protesting puppy by his neck for a few feet (I know, I know, animal cruelty) before getting fed up and pulling him back onto the concrete sidewalk. That brought him to his feet. Eventually I got him trotting, and then running. Jerk.

After our walk, I set him up outside with his food (he immediately went to the side of the house so he could get his leash hung up and strand himself there) while I did the Shred. I'm so close to bumping up to level 2, but I want to be able to get through all of the strength training reps with NO rests before I do that. The first circuit kills me because my triceps are so freaking weak, so I'm still missing one or two push-ups and a handful of shoulder presses.

Tonight is Cosmo's last day of Puppy Kindergarten and I'm nervous. There's going to be a little test, and I really hope he comes to us when we call him. Last week we tried that and I was the ONLY person in the entire class (Pete included) who couldn't get their dog to come to them. He took a few steps, then got distracted and went to visit another dog. We've tried practicing with him, but who knows if it stuck? To help my chances, Pete is going to pick up extra tasty treats for us to use with him and we're not going to feed him his full dinner before class. I hope he doesn't shame me. :)
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  1. You should know that last night I ran around a lot with Cosmo while he was out in mom's back yard. Good luck at puppy kindergarten tonight!

  2. I really hope little C didn't shame you tonight!! You will have to give us all a report!


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