Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bad Day Leads to Snacking

So since my work day was so catastrophic yesterday, Pete and I took it easy last night. Instead of cooking dinner, we decided to snack. Think you can't snack on the plan? Think again.

We started with a recipe that I got from Pinterest. I'm sure you've seen it: baked cheese balls. Then I had an english muffin with peanut butter. Because I love peanut butter. And then later in the night, I treated myself to a Green Monster smoothie.

And the points?
Baked cheese balls: 5
Peanut butter english muffin: 7
Smoothie: 3

15 points. See? Not terrible. Especially considering I earned 8 activity points with my double morning workout.

One note about the smoothie: I don't count points the same way Weight Watchers does when it comes to smoothies. If you enter all ingredients into the recipe builder, the points come out to 7. That's because all nutritional information (fat, carbs, fiber, protein) is totaled before the tool does the points equation. So basically, Weight Watchers lets you count fruit and vegetables as free, but doesn't count them as free in the recipe. Here's why:

Thank you for contacting us with your inquiry regarding points plus™ values in recipes. Most vegetables and all fruits are zero points but they still have calories. As part of this program we "deemed" them to be zero points. If you fed their nutritional information into a points plus calculator, it would often come up withpoints plus™ values. We did this "deeming" because we want you to eat fruits and vegetables.
However it has always been our policy at Weight Watchers to incorporate the nutrients of vegetables (and now fruit) into recipes and the Recipe Builder. Why? A few reasons:

1) Our recipes are often featured in articles and magazines nationally and as a result we need to disclose this info to ensure the appropriate calories and nutrient content are displayed if evaluated by organizations outside of Weight Watchers. We use the Recipe Builder to calculate our recipes.

2) Since many non-Weight Watchers recipes include nutritional information these days, we want our calculations to match those you may do for recipes you find in other places. We don’t want to unfairly advantage our own recipes. And we don't want your recipes to look out of whack either.

3) Once you start combining vegetables and fruits with other foods, you change the experience of eating them. Few people go crazy on plain carrots but might on carrot cake. To ignore them in recipes would place our member at risk for abuse potential. There is an adjustment made in the Daily Target for eating fruits and vegetables with a points plus™ value of 0. This adjustment was based on eating the foods in their “natural and singular” state which did not include use in recipes.

While we establish all these rules and algorithms for our program and our site, with weight loss there is always something a little "squishy." Sometimes you need to make the best call on how you're going to interpret the rules. And no computer program can do that for you.

The way I see it, I signed up for a plan with free fruits and veggies. Maybe one day I'll switch to calorie counting, but until then, I'm using points plus. And if I were to eat all of these ingredients separately, they'd end up just as mixed in my stomach as they do if I blend them together before eating them. So why count the points differently? My Magic Bullet does not add calories. But that's just my choice.

Anyway, last night was a lot of fun. We played with Cosmo, snacked, and watched like three episodes of the Jersey Shore (Italy season). And I got to knit! I finished a pair of mittens I've been working on for FOREVER, and started on my next project: making Christmas stockings for myself and my boys. I love just hanging out withe Pete. I can't see how I'd ever get sick of it.

Also, he's started giving me piggy back rides randomly around the house. He says it's a great way to build strength. Hey, jerk, is that a fat joke? ;) I let him because, well, piggy backs are fun. And it's kind of a good way to build strength in my arms. I have to hold on tight so I don't slip because Pete's a boy and boys don't have hips. Makes me think back to all those piggy backs I gave my campers when I was a counselor. I definitely had hips to spare. Boy, they had it good.

Lastly, a recap of my morning workout...

Morning run: 
Distance: 2 miles
overall pace: 10:16
First mile: I can't remember exactly, but it was a little over 9:00
Second mile: Can't remember, but probably a little over 11:00

The Shred, level 1
Getting better at push-ups, struggling with lateral raises and overhead presses. I can do them, but have to take brief rests during a few of the reps occassionally.

Points earned: 8
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  1. OMG, the baked cheese balls look amazing. Were they good?! They look like State Fair quality.

    Good for you and your working out! I'm so proud of you! I can't wait until I can run as far as you! (Which will be soon hopefully!)

    P.S. Adorable. Piggy backs. :-)

    1. The cheese balls WERE good. They were gone in about two minutes. :)

      I'm excited to go running with you! The Color Run is going to be so much fun!


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