Sunday, June 3, 2012

Couple Things

I made Abbie's green monster smoothie on Saturday night.

We rock at cooking.

Also, we need a new couch for our living room. It would replace the plaid couch Pete got from his parents. I want to keep my brown velvet couch. It is my very favorite piece of furniture EVER. Pete insists that we buy another couch (not two chairs), but I doubt we'll find an exact copy of I need to figure out how to match it.

I'm sorely in need of advice. HOW do you match couches? What would even look good with this guy? I have absolutely no ideas!

 The new couch does NOT have to match our ugly leaf-patterned green carpet. That mess is going. Someday...
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  1. You and Abbie are so funny!! Love the post.

    For your couch, try a different fabric, maybe with a texture and a small pattern, (remember the pattern on Nana's white couch?) or pick the accent color you'd like to bring into the room. My tendency would be to get a beige/oatmeal type of fabric with flecks of color in it. could go back to slumberland and see if you can find a matching couch .. you never know. Good luck with that project.

  2. Exchange the plaid couch for polka dots. OR! Do you remember the old black and white stripped "barcode" couch we had growing up? Get that and add pink pillows like mom did in the 90s. It'll look great.

    On a realistic note, I'll keep an eye out on Craigs List when I live with you. 'Cause you know, I don't work in the summer. Ha-ha!

  3. P.S. Every time I read our text condo, I LOL.


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