Friday, June 8, 2012

Double-Header Dehydrated

This morning I had a wellness screening scheduled at work. We get $200 towards our HSA from the company for doing it, but I would have signed up anyway because I'm so curious to see how I'm doing health-wise. The lady I got was very friendly, and we chatted the entire time she was taking my blood pressure and measuring my waist. But when it came time for her to take some blood, she got a little grumpy.

Her: Try squeezing and unsqueezing your hand. Do you normally have problems giving blood?
Me: No? I give platelets. I usually don't have too many issues.
Her: Well, this arm just is not working. Let's try the other.
Her: (exasperated) THIS arm is almost worse. Did you drink any water today?
Me: Oh...not really. I kind of woke up late and rushed here.
Her: Well. That's why. You HAVE to drink your water. This vein is just not popping up. Put your arm down.
Me: Yeah, I think I'm probably a little dehydrated. I had to play a double-header for my softball league last night and didn't have any water with me.
Her: Nope, you NEED to drink that water. Bring your arm up. Make a fist. Well. I'm going to have to do this without gloves. I don't like to, but I just can't feel your vein. I'm going to use Purell.
Me: Yeah, that makes sense (really wanting to say: Please don't dig around for my vein! OHMYGOSHTHISISGOINGTOHURT!)

She got the vein on the first try, thank GOODNESS. I was so relieved. I mean, I was really dehydrated, yo. Here's what I didn't tell her...

I showed up for the first softball game right after work and it was 82 degrees out. I warmed up by playing catch and my friend helped me practice using proper form to throw (the way I learned is all wrong, which is why my right shoulder is all messed up). Then we launched into the game. I was relegated to right outfield, which sucked. I'm going to have to work on getting in-field, but I have a feeling I'll need to put in my time for that. My field game wasn't very good, but when it came time to bat, I rocked it!

The first game I got quite a few hits and was even able to run home once. After I came back from my first hit, I was parched. I went over to our cooler and grabbed a Coors Light. It was so refreshing (well, it was wet). And the game progressed. I'd usually get a hit, sprint to first, run from base to base until our third out, then run back to the sidelines, take a swig of beer, grab my mitt, and run back to the outfield. By the end of the game, I was THIRSTY, but we had to grab our stuff and walk across the athletic park to a field on the opposite side for our next game.

Pete met me in the parking lot with Jimmy Johns and a Cosmo (yay!). The good thing about playing night sports is you need to keep your dinner light. I ate 2/3s of my sandwich and half the bag of Jimmy chips. And I drank a ton of the Diet Coke.

Guess what? In addition to beer, Diet Coke makes you dehydrated, too. Pete and I thought it would be because of the sodium content, but a little plinking around on the Google this morning taught me that it's the caffeine. It prevents your body from sending a signal to your kidneys to conserve water, so you end up losing it all.

The second game was TOUGH. I didn't start out very strong at bat, but eventually I hit my stride. No runs, though. Never got past second base before we were out. And playing outfield SUCKED. Their team had some amazing hitters who all knew exactly how to direct the ball. And they loooved directing it to right field. They had me and the mid-right fielder running all over the place. I was covered in sweat.

Showering when we got home felt sooo good, but it was getting late, so I only fit in one glass of water. And that brings me to this morning. But now that I've finished my mug of coffee (more caffeine), I'm ready to pound the water.

Oh, before I wrap this up, I thought I'd share a tip for those baked cheese balls: Freeze the string cheese sticks before you make this recipe. Otherwise, they'll melt in the oven and become puddles. Also, here's the points breakdown:

  • 2 string cheese sticks (I used 4 and Pete and I split them down the middle, so I counted 2 for myself.): 3
  • 1 Tbsp 2% milk: 0
  • 2 Tbsp bread crumbs: 2 
  • Cooking spray: 0
  • 2 Tbsp pizza sauce: 0

OK, that's it for me! Happy Friday, everyone!
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  1. You are so mean to that poor woman taking your blood! I mean seriously, drink your water! ;-) Glad you had a fun night though. Next time have Pete bring you a big ol' bottle of water!

  2. you never expounded on how your wellness check up went? Were you happy with the results??


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