Friday, June 15, 2012

Feh Feh Friday

Feh. That's how I feel about working today. I'm so over it. I just want my weekend to begin.

In case you were wondering.

Hey, guess what! I found new blogs for inspiration!

  • Ben Does Life - Check out this guy. He went from fat and depressed to a running rock star/motivational speaker
  • Runs For Cookies - She lost 120 pounds in a year!

OK, so yesterday my sister alerted me to the fact that I never shared how Cosmo's graduation from puppy kindergarten went. Well! Let's rectify that, shall we?

Cosmo did really well, much to the relief of his parents! When we got there, they had us take a few practice spins around an obstacle course. We ripped through it because Cosmo, the puppy who wouldn't walk around more than 30% of our basement when we first got him, is now fearless. While other puppies had to be coaxed onto scary see-saws and steps, and into traumatizing tunnels and tents, our puppy ripped through them without so much as batting a red eyelash.

After some practice, they had us each take a turn around the course. If it had been a timed run, Cosmo would have blown the other dogs out of the water. At the end of the course, we were supposed to send him down a long tunnel to the waiting trainer, who would distract the puppy while the owner went and hid behind a giant obstacle. Then, you were supposed to call your puppy until he found you. The test was to see if he'd come when called. Pete and I got behind the obstacle and started shouting like goons: "Cosmo! COME! Come'ere CosmOOO! Come'ere Boy! COSMO!" It seemed to take forever, but eventually Cosmo bounded up to us. I think he must have taken a few moments to sniff around, though, because after we started calling him, the trainer said, "Call louder!"

After that, we had a sit-down relay race. We split into two teams. Each puppy on the team was to be run down to a marker, then we were allowed one command for sit and one command for down. If the puppy didn't sit when you commanded him once, back to the line you went. If the puppy sat but didn't lie down with one command, back to the line. If you gave the command more than once, back to the line. If you gave the command and then gave a hand gesture after, that was a double command and you went back to the line...and yes, the trainer insisted on going over every possible behavior that would send you back to the line--I've only listed a fraction here. Pete was DYING of impatience.

Anyway. :) Cosmo hit "sit" and "down" immediately. Our team whooped ass!

After that, each dog got a basted bone and a "diploma." Cosmo, who now looks like a second grader with his missing teeth, was the last to finish eating his bone. Another dog with a distracted owner tried to steal a piece of his bone and Cosmo barked another scary bark we only hear when he's defending his food. He caused every other puppy to jump with surprise. That's our boy!

Now that puppy kindergarten is done, I'm toying with the idea of true obedience classes, but Pete is fully against it. We probably won't (too expensive and time-consuming), but I can't help feeling like we should. What do you think? Are they worth it?
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  1. DO IT! Teach Cosmo to do flips! Tell Pete you can teach Cosmo go bring you your slippers. He already knows what they look like! :-)

    In all seriousness, I think it depends on what you'd like him to be able to do. Also, I think that if you keep on practicing at home and are consistent, you don't NEED to do more classes unless you want him to do things like roll over or stay standing on command, etc...

    You're almost done with your work day! Woot!

  2. Sounds like Cosmo did you proud! What a good doggie. Dog training classes can be expensive and time consuming. I remember that Pam and Rich did them with Bouzy and he was a very well behaved dog. I guess it depends on if you want a rock star dog. Give Cosmo an extra hug from me for his graduation performance.


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