Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baseball and my "Plan"

The Great American Game is dominating my evenings this week. Twins game tonight (we're eating dinner beforehand so I don't have to cobble together a meal with crappy stadium food), batting cages tomorrow, and my softball game on Thursday. Yesterday Abbie and I ran to TJ Maxx to buy a cheap Twins shirt because I didn't own one.

It's hard for me to get into watching sports, so I haven't really. I kind of want to, though. I need to find a team I can support whole-heartedly, which means watching most or all games. The Twins would be a good team to support but the baseball season has SO many games, I don't know how people can do it. The Wild would be another good option, but I always find it so hard to keep my eye on the puck. I get so lost--"Why are they all skating to the other end of the rink? Wasn't the puck in that corner?" I like watching basketball, but the Timberwolves are...well, they're the Timberwolves. And Pete doesn't like watching basketball because it always comes down to the last 20 minutes of the game, so watching everything prior seems like a waste. Then there are the Vikings. But, honestly, I've tried and tried and TRIED to watch football but there are SO. many. rules. I can follow along and vaguely know what's going down, but if I'm going to really get into a sport, I want to know exactly what is happening. So...no decision, I guess.

Goooooo Twins!
I could not convince Abbie to buy this, unfortunately.

Back to my week. I'm trying to be very good this week because we were traveling this weekend. I don't think I did too terribly in Duluth. I brought fruits, veggies, and yogurt to help fill me up. At the Pickwick pub I had grilled salmon (ate about 5 oz), green beans, and half a baked potato, and I was conservative in calculating the points for the veggie quesadilla and grilled veggie press I ate (they had melted cheese on them, so I knew they weren't too healthy). So Friday and Saturday I dipped heavily into my weekly and activity points, but Sunday I came under my daily target and yesterday I was very restrained as well. I'm back to salads for lunch (this week with 1 oz fresh mozzarella, yumm!), fruit and a Special K granola bar for my afternoon snack, and the old standbys for dinner. 

I tried a persimmon on Sunday. It tastes about how you'd imagine it would.

I've also been back to running. I hadn't run much the last week and a half thanks to my feet and back and the fact that I was trying do the Shred every day. I realized that the reason I was having so much trouble actually getting up to work out was I just wasn't looking forward to it (Shred every day didn't quite work out). So for now, to keep myself moving, I'm  back to running three miles in the morning (loving it--did them in 32 minutes yesterday!), and I'm thinking about how to work in strength training. For a while I was running two miles, then doing the Shred, but the two-mile runs weren't very rewarding because I couldn't travel very far (about two miles, actually!). I just stuck to a loop in some nearby neighborhoods, yawn. It was easier to miss those workouts.

I need to figure out a schedule where I'm still running a lot, but also getting in the right amount of strength training. Maybe I need to do an "every other day" thing...or do interval runs on the days when I do the Shred. Interval runs could help me raise my pace, so that might be enough motivation for me to get up and do them...

And before I can really settle into a good routine, I really need to get my bike fixed. My lower back is not improving with the running--neither is my foot. I need to replace my running and shredding with some bike rides so I can give those muscles/tendons a breather for a bit.

Ugh, this post is one huge ramble. Sorry about that, yo.
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  1. Pictures of you and Abbie shopping are cute/funny. Hope you had a good time and enjoy the Twins tonight.


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