Friday, June 1, 2012

Late Night, Wimpy Workout

Last night Pete and I went to a retirement party for our friend's mom. She was the first female cop hired in our city--and first female cop hired south of the river, according to her police chief. Pretty cool! It was a great event, even though we didn't know many people there. It was a lot of fun hearing all the stories people told about her long and lustrous career. And I did really well on points at the party (excepting two delicious chocolate chip cookies).

After the party, we stopped home to change and pick up Cosmo, then we headed out to their house for a bonfire. OK, it wasn't that simple. There was a lot of ho-humming from me because I really didn't want to go. It wasn't that I didn't think I would have fun; I was fretful because I knew that since we were leaving for the bonfire at 10:30pm, we wouldn't get home until late. Which would mean that when I woke up for my workout, I would be even more exhausted than yesterday morning. I decided to go anyway--I mean, I may be committed to healthy living, but I still have to live.

The bonfire was fun, but they had brought the leftover food from the party back to the house. And *somehow* two more meatballs and two more cookies found their way into my digestive system, along with some UV Blue and Diet Sunkist. Aw, nuts. We got home after 12:30am and went right to bed. And I woke up at 6:30am. I pulled out my phone with a new app downloaded called StarTrainer and started up the prescribed workout. And it did nothing. Not one drop of sweat broke my brow. Yet the workout took 30 minutes. I was so annoyed.

So I came to work and got a recommendation for some better workouts from my coworker (I pinned them, if you're friends with me on Pinterest). I'm so excited to try them out and push hard tomorrow. I really need to get my heart rate up and feel like I'm moving some fat cells!

Anyway, I have a few pictures from last night. I was pretty jazzed about my outfit because I think it came out really cute (and I totally threw it together last-minute).

I love that I can now wear leggings as pants with confidence. And I love that this shirt was roomy enough to pull it off. I mean, check out a previous outfit I wore with the shirt.

No, don't put the camera away, Pete! Time for a FASHION SHOOT!

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  1. That doesn't even look like the same shirt. It fits you entirely differently than before! Glad you could go to the party for Tripp's mom. It's a very cool thing!
    I'm sure you'll be moving some fat cells -- you've clearly declared WAR on fat! Have a great weekend and see you Sunday.

  2. DUDE. How did I NOT comment on this post. I was talking with mom last night about this post too! Can I just say, WOWZA YOU LOOK GOOD! I'm so excited and happy for you. You are so much happier. I love it.

  3. Kate you look beautiful! Such a cute outfit. I love the before and after shots. I want to find some longer tunics I can wear with leggings. They are just so comfy!


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