Tuesday, June 19, 2012


So I think I have tendinitis in my foot. I've mentioned a few times that when I run, I experience a little pain on the outside of my left foot. The other day (Sunday), my foot was really hurting and at one point I felt the need to stretch my toes, so I pushed them back and -- Lo! The pain went away! That night, I asked Pete if he would give me a foot massage. Because he's the best, he said yes, of course. He started massaging the part that hurt and it was soo sensitive! I mentioned that the pain might be due to my toes and he started bending them back and stretching them. Then he started massaging the outside of my foot again, and it didn't hurt at all. AHA!

Here's a diagram of where I'm experiencing the foot pain. I ripped this image from this website (attribution will save me from litigation, right?) and drew the circles.

Pete ran into a spot of tendinitis a few months back, so he knew what to do. Last night, he helped me stretch out my toes. He actually isolated the tendons leading to my fourth toe and my pinky toe by stretching them and pushing on the bottom of my feet, and he helped me to feel each one as it moved and identify them both as the source of my pain. Then he insisted we ice my foot, even though I complained every five minutes ("Peeeeete. It's too cooooooold.") Then, when we went to bed, he heated up a warming pad and wrapped it around my foot. He's on a mission to have me back to normal by our trip to Duluth this Friday.

I've read a bit about this problem, and it seems like the best thing to do is to hold off on running until it's better. I could do the Shred instead, but there's a lot of jumping involved, so I always feel like I've worked my toes just as much. A lot of the people talking about tendinitis on the interwebs said runners should try swimming while they're healing, but I don't have access to a good lap pool...or any pool, for that matter. I've been toying with the idea of biking. We'd need to tune up my bike, though. And I'm sure that will be tons o' fun with all the hills around my area...

Anyone have any ideas for how I can get a workout in without stressing my foot? Oh, heck. I'll probably end up biking. Maybe.

Recap of my recent workouts:
  • Saturday: Walking warm-up for about 3 minutes, sprinting home when it started pouring. Abandoned my plans to run and did the Shred instead.
  • Sunday: Ran 2.93 miles -- could have sworn that route would be longer, but apparently I need to add in another loop somewhere.
  • Monday: Bumped up to level 2 in the Shred. 
  • Tuesday: Woke up at 4 AM because HOLY STORMS, BATMAN. Did NOT wake up again at 5:30 AM to run as planned (probably for the best, considering my foot). Hoping to do the Shred later tonight, in between logging extra hours for work so I can take off Friday afternoon. 

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  1. 5 Day Free Trial Pass at the YMCA. There's one near your house that I used to swim at. Check it out! http://www.ymcatwincities.org/health__fitness/

  2. Trial pass is in the blue box on the bottom right. :-)

  3. You have one awesome hubs to do that for you! I would say biking, I heart my cycle class, you BURN so many calories :)

  4. Definitely stay off that foot while it heals or you could exacerbate the problem!


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