Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-In: Apples and Pears

My weight was 168.8 lbs today. Increments, baby!

I'm starting to try to think of things I can do to speed this up. I mean, I stay within my points and exercise, but maybe I can take a look at the foods I'm eating and try to raise the quality. I think the biggest weaknesses in my diet would be dinners, which often include (modest portions of) rice, pasta, or bread, and dining out, which is so hard to control. Seems like we've been eating away from home a lot, which is typically the case in the summer. For example, this weekend, we've been invited to a get-together happy hour, three grad parties, a birthday party on a boat, and a Father's Day dinner with Pete's family. I'm also hosting a book club, but I have complete control over the fare served for that, so I'm not sweating it. I'm excited for all of these events (save for the grad parties, in all honesty), but I'm definitely going to have to be smart and work hard to make good choices.

OK, so I did get the results to my health screening this weekend, and overall I did pretty well. There were two areas that need improvement, but I think one was measured incorrectly. Don't roll your eyes; I'll explain it later.

Want to see the gritty numbers?

OK, so my waist is too big. No huge surprise there. But this information they provide about the "apple shape" sent me on a brief Internet hunt for information that ended up kind of frustrating me. I guess I could consider myself apple shaped, although to be honest, I haven't really measured the ratio of my waist to my hips. Apparently, that would put me at higher risk for health issues than a pear-shaped gal. Here's the most succinct explanation I could find.

But I still wonder: How does the body shape happen? Is it lifestyle, or just genetic makeup? According to one site, the apple shape is associated with insulin resistance and usually seen on people who metabolize insulin poorly. Is that the same thing as your regular metabolism? Because my metabolism sucks, that I already knew. But could my body be messed up when it comes to insulin? And what does that mean in terms of diabetes? My dad had juvenile diabetes, but his onset occurred at age 33, so I feel like I've got that waiting for me in the wings if I'm not careful. Is an apple shape cause for concern? Do I need to cut out all sugar from my diet?

Anyway, there's a lot information out there and after clicking around I finally decided that I didn't want to waste too much time on this. Actually, Pete was sitting there telling me to let it go, otherwise I probably would have kept searching, so it's still kind of nagging at the back of my mind. I guess I just keep on doing what I've been doing and hope that I can slough off some of that fat around my midsection.

OK, moving on...

As for my heart blood tests, I did very well. Triglycerides, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, LDL-Cholesterol, CHOL to HDLC ratio (total to HDL ratio) were all within the normal ranges. My glucose level was smack in the healthy range as well.

My blood pressure, however, threw an alert. 124/82. But, I'm sorry, that measurement had to be wrong. I seem to get my blood pressure checked ALL the time. It's always about 112/62, sometimes 110/60, usually in that range. I give platelets and they check it every time. I've also had plenty of doctor's visits in the past year and I pay close attention to that measurement. Just the weekend prior to this test, Pete and I were screwing around on of those free blood pressure measuring machines and my numbers were something like 120/70. I told Pete it must be calibrated wrong because my measurement is always lower than that.

Maybe my blood pressure varies more than I would think or something. Maybe being dehydrated had an affect on it. Or being worried about whether she was going to have to dig in my arm to find a vein had my heart pumping. Either way, I just can't imagine that number, so drastically different from my normal measurement, is right. And if it was right, I can't imagine there's much more I can do to fix it. So I'm going to blow it off and keep working out as usual. Look at me, all cavalier.
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  1. Thanks for the helpful reading! I was a little disappointed when they said that the unrealistic pressures of image and our society leads to a lot of "pear-shaped" girls to have eating disorders because once a pear-shaped girl loses weight, she'll still be pear-shaped. Damn. I guess I'll have to make being pear-shaped look gooooood! ;-)

    I'm so proud of your health results! That's amazing! Who cares about that waist thing, you're one inch away from it and you're still losing weight. That test has got nothing on you! And about dad... you've got one thing he didn't in terms of diabetes, you know it's a possibility and you're a MUCH healthy eater. I know how you feel... waiting for the shoe to drop and one of us kids gets diabetes but if we stay on this path of being healthy maybe we can beat our health history! Positive thinking goes a long way girl! Love you!

    1. Yeah, I thought of you when I read the pear-shaped information. But knowledge is power and at least you'll be healthier for it. :)

      Thanks for your encouragement! I guess I'm not too upset by my results. I'm glad that it wasn't all perfect because this is just more motivation to keep working!

  2. Good results and don't let your "shape" determine anything. This is just another "they say" situation. Every body is different and these are only guidelines to catagorize people but there are always exceptions to the rule. You're doing so well in changing your lifestyle and I am very, very, very proud of you. Knowledge is power!!


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