Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Recap

Did everyone enjoy their weekend? Pete and I did. We slept in, waking up when rolling over no longer worked. We wore flip flops or went barefoot. We had two meals on restaurant patios, smiling lazily at each other behind sunglasses. We played with the puppy in the backyard and took walks around the neighborhoods.

Saturday, after fretting about how best to enjoy the weather, we wound up at Captain Jack's. Somehow we scored a highly coveted spot in the tiny parking lot, then a table in the shade. We watched boats pull up to the dock and deposit groups of the tanned well-to-do, who stumbled up to the restaurant for burgers and beer. We talked about our upcoming Duluth trip and realized that, aside from scenic drives, a zoo, a tower, and some lighthouses, there aren't many attractions offered. Then we decided that we're fine with a weekend docket that consists solely of: wake up, walk around the pier, visit shops, and eat. Just before we payed and left, I watched a mom lift her daughter onto one of the swings hanging at the bar. I smiled when the girl kicked off from the bar and swung a few feet back, because I'd been wanting to do that since we got there. What's the point of sitting on a swing if you're not going to use it?

Saturday night we went to a friend's house and swam in his pool. It was fun, but colder than we expected. Pete and I came to the conclusion that a pool just isn't that fun unless you A) are a kid, B) have a kid. Not that we regretted anything about that night. Well, OK. One regret: In a fit of pride, I decided to show everyone how good I am at diving. I haven't dived in lord-knows-how-long, so I probably shouldn't have been too surprised when I over arched my back and ended up hurting myself. Feels like I bruised my lower spine, if that's possible.

Add that to my already wrecked muscles from Thursday's double-header, and you know what that meant: I didn't work out this weekend. I ran for 20 minutes on Saturday. And we walked the dog.

Yesterday we enjoyed coffee, tea, and lemon pound cake with my mom and Aunt Kathy. It was Cosmo's first time meeting Kathy and he absolutely loved her. The Skittish One actually threw himself onto her feet and nuzzled into her knees. We caught up on family business, Mom told me about her flooded basement and the amazing deal my dad's friend scored for her with the insurance company, and I complained about my job a lot. Eventually, they had to leave, and as the door shut, Cosmo ran up to it with his ball in his mouth and an expression on his face that said, "But you just got here!"

Pete and I capped off Sunday with a little work, some practice catching pop-fly balls (him throwing, me catching), a Caprese salad (spinach stepping in for Basil), and way too many episodes of the Jersey Shore. Then we got to bed sort of on-time, so I could wake up early and get back into working out this morning. I was so looking forward to a good sweat fest, but when I woke up at 6:38am, I realized my 5:30am alarm never went off. Alarm clocks are complicated.

Hopefully I can get some running and strength training in tonight before we go over to my mom's to help move furniture out of the basement. I might just have to show up sweaty and stinky. Who do I gotta impress? :)

Here's the doggie:

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  1. You did not stink when you came over and I really appreciated your help last night!! Even Cosmo was helpful in entertaining LaFite...sort of.


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