Thursday, June 21, 2012

WORTHLESS in the Morning!

I realized that I forgot to post my weigh-in results yesterday. Must have been too distracted by my adorable dog! I lost .4 pounds. It's something, so I'll take it--especially considering all the drinking I did on Saturday! I have a feeling that's going to catch up with me next week. Well, that and the fact that I keep missing workouts.

I cannot seem to rouse myself in the mornings this week. I've missed 4 early morning workouts in a row. I made them up at least. Monday night I did the Shred, Tuesday night I played tennis with my sister-in-law--not quite as intense as my normal workouts, but I still ended up with sore shoulders and covered in sweat. Last night my tendinitis was in a flare and my lower back was screaming (from bending over a table at work for an hour during a "Feed my Starving Children" packing session), so I tried out a yoga/pilates video on Netflix. I usually like my workouts more frenetic, but I really liked this video! It was weird; I got nice and sweaty and my heart rate was a little elevated, but I wasn't out of breath or anything. Odd sensation. It's definitely going to go into my rotation of workouts and I'm glad to have found something I can do when I'm injured.

(Speaking of which, Pete was going to fix my bike last night but he realized we need an air compressor. That, and it was raining last night, which would make riding the bike to test it out a little difficult. He says my derailleur needs to be fixed. I'm hoping we can do that next week so I can start biking some days.)

And then this morning my alarm clock went off at 6am and I didn't move. I don't know what my problem was; I knew that I hadn't left any wiggle room for time and that I'd have to get right into my run in order to fit it in. Tonight I have a softball game and that will have to count for today's workout. So lame. I'm determined to get in a morning run tomorrow. It should be easier to fit it in because I'll be working from home in the morning. Then, Pete and I are taking off the afternoon so we can drive to Duluth for our planned getaway.

Yeah, Duluth. You know, this city.

Really hoping it dries out before Friday because Pete and I got our hotel room rate on a prepay-no-refunds-given basis. Accounts of the flood vary. According to the news and my coworker (who went to school there), the whole city is devastated. According to Pete's coworker (who grew up in Duluth), the zoo floods all the time and the downtown area is just fine. She says that only neighborhoods and surrounding counties were severely affected and that 8.4 inches of rain is nothing. Fingers crossed!
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  1. I hope you catch a baby seal!

  2. Hope you have a nice weekend away. If you can't do a lot of touring, maybe you can go to restaurants, watch movies and just cuddle. All good things for newlyweds. If you find any animals, do NOT bring them home;>)


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