Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cosmo in a Cone

 Here are those pictures of Cosmo. He's been such a baby lately. He freaks out if we take the cone off, and even with it on, he's adamant about being as close to us as possible. This morning I let him out and he seemed desperate to get back inside. I wanted him to do his business, so I thought he'd be more comfortable if I sat out back with him. He came right up to me and fell onto me. He can be pretty "cuddly," but for him that means one or two nuzzles. I don't think he's ever wanted to be held for so long. Little baby.

So if anyone wants to cuddle with a puppy, today is probably the day (pain meds run out tomorrow).

Also, random: I heard this song on the radio yesterday. The Current has been playing it for a while, but I never listened to the lyrics before. Now I'm obsessed.

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1 comment :

  1. That little puppy has such soulful eyes! What's not to love?


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