Wednesday, August 22, 2012


This weekend, I decided I needed a little retail therapy, so my sister and I went jeans shopping. My 12s were all getting baggy and I fit into some hand-me-down 10s, so I figured why not take the plunge?

Turns out that at Express, I'm barely a 10.

I ended up buying two pairs, however. After a struggle, I was able to get them on and zipped and they stretch out enough so they're pretty comfortable (I'm actually wearing them in the pictures from my last post). I'm really not one to buy too-tight jeans, but I justified it in this case, thinking maybe buying them tight will allow me to wear them for longer.

Also, did you know that jeans at Express are significantly more expensive than jeans at Kohl's? I don't think I'll be shopping for quite a while. Shameful.

Anyway, in addition to being too tight, my new purchases had one other issue: they were too long. This particular style didn't come in a Short, so I wore them with some high shoes for the first few days. That's not a good long-term plan for me, however, so I needed to do something about it.

I found this genius method for hemming jeans a while back and have hemmed about two or three pairs this way.

It kind of sucks, though, because of my ancient sewing machine. Jeans are thick and when you double up the fabric, it can cause bent and broken needles.

I had to perform sewing machine surgery quite a few times last night. It took so long, that I only finished one pair--the other will have to wait. I was disappointed in how long it took because not only was I not able to finish the job, but I also couldn't start on my next project.

My next project. So exciting! I've put aside my Christmas knitting project for the moment...

Pete will get one, too...I started with mine so it could be the "first pancake" I can focus on another holiday. Once these jeans are hemmed, I'm sewing Halloween costumes for my sister and myself. I'll be combining two patterns into one, and we'll see how it turns out. The last costume I sewed was by hand, also kind of free-wheeled:

Dinosaur costume! I used it twice--the second time Pete and I paired up to go as the Dr. Alan Grant and the T-Rex from Jurassic Park. Most people thought we were Crocodile Dundee and a croc. Or a cowboy and a dinosaur.

But it turned out fabulously, and I have the same expectations for this year. I can't wait to show you guys the finished product!
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  1. OMG! Can't wait for Halloween!

    Your jeans look AMAZING on you. For reals. I think you should post some pictures of your booty in your old jeans and then in your new jeans. AND post a link to that other blog. :-)

    1. I second this, pictures of your booty :-)

  2. Kate, I love your Christmas stocking! It looks so well done and I hope you finish Pete's and Cosmo's before Christmas. - Be sure you make Cosmo's a little smaller (smile). As for your booty - it's looking pretty cute these days! Pictures would be good.

  3. My jeans are ALWAYS too long, I must be shorter than I realize :) They may be expensive, but usually it's worth the money!


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