Friday, August 10, 2012

TGIF. No Really, Thank GOD.

It's been one of those weeks with just SO much going on that I found myself completely drained. Tuesday night, Pete and I both expressed that it felt like it should be the weekend already, since we'd already crammed so much into the week. Wednesday night, I ended up working literally an hour after coming home until about 11:30pm. I didn't work out yesterday morning because I woke up early to do some more work instead--barely making it to the office on time. This work isn't exactly related to my job, so I can't comp the time. I'll explain in a later post. Maybe.

Anyway, Abbie invited me out for drinks last night because we haven't seen each other for weeks and weeks and we NEED to catch up. I had to pass, and I was really sad about that. I was just so fried yesterday. I left work an hour early and went home and crashed. I slept until Pete woke me for dinner and I felt much, much better. After dinner, I decided to take a bike ride, since I'd skipped my morning workout. This time, I chose a longer, more hilly route.

I LOVE biking.

Pete said I looked like a yuppie. Or did he say douche bag? Either way, he's right. But it was cool, so I had to wear my long-sleeved, sweat-wicking shirt. And I'm too old and responsible to ride without a helmet. And if I crash in a ditch, that phone strapped to my arm will save my life. Sigh. Seriously, though. Douche bag city. 

I used to bike ALL the time as a kid, and even as a teenager. It's probably the one activity that comes naturally for me (guess I CAN use this huge booty for something). I haven't been able to bike for the last few years because my bike was in such rough shape and I forgot how great it feels. I took Black Beauty up north a ways, still in the same city, where the houses get BIG and wrought iron gates start popping up in front of the private drives. I passed cute little city farms next to newly constructed brick mansions. I passed one house with two garages, both with doors made entirely of glass panes. I passed the adorable fire department, which had their engines out and running for a crowd of thrilled little boys. I passed couples out on evening strolls, and a rowdy gaggle of teenage girls dominating the sidewalk. When I turned up our street, I was a little sad--I could have kept riding for hours. It didn't feel like a workout at all, but by the end of it, I was sweaty and my legs felt like jelly. I think this weekend I'll have to get lost on Black Beauty for a few hours.

Pete and I capped the night with some Olympics. We saw the US women dominate in the 4 x 100 relay, watched women's diving, the men's decathlon, Usain Bolt's triumph, and the BMX trials. Then we tried to get to bed a little early. I think we shut off the light at 11:30pm. I woke up this morning ready to run again and started my usual 4-mile loop. I cut a corner in one of the neighborhoods (I'm not even sure how it happened; I was running down the correct street and then all of a sudden I had turned down a side street without even meaning to), so my run ended up being 3.79 miles. Whatever.

As I approached home, the neighbors' three little dogs started barking ferociously at me from their fenced yard, as they do every morning. I thought to myself, "I hate those dogs. I wish I could sic Cosmo on them to teach them a lesson." I got my wish later in the morning when I heard their yapping ratchet up and looked out the window. Cosmo was pacing the fence, having somehow slipped his leash, trying to get in. I ran down to our back patio and called his name and he, of course, came inside immediately. All without issuing one small bark. What a good boy! I couldn't be mad at him--if he's smart enough to slip his leash and he doesn't run away and comes when called and he doesn't sit there yapping at 6:30am, he's done no harm!

So anyway, the weekend is steadily approaching and it's pretty open again. LOVE IT. I can't wait to hang out with my sister and catch up! And I might help Pete seal the driveway. Fun fun fun!
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  1. So happy you have revived biking. It sounds like you really enjoyed the ride and it's fun to be able to go so far -- and nice that you can go to some interesting neighborhoods.
    I'm glad you made it to the weekend and will get some sister time. You both have lots to share! See you this weekend.

    1. It was great seeing you this weekend. Thanks for the D-licious dinner!

  2. OK! I'm officially caught up with all your blog posts! So much going on! Now I just need to update my blog! I'm very happy we got together and caught up. I always have so much fun with you!


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