Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Weigh-In!

Yesterday was a meeting-heavy day at work and beyond, so I wasn't able to attend my WW meeting. That meant that I had to weigh in this morning before work. Here's my progress:

0 pounds lost/gained.

Oh, hell. I'm fine with it. I haven't gone off tracks, but I'm not on my A game this week, so I guess this is what I get. 

Anyway, meetings. Yesterday. We had our all-company meeting in the morning. Big news: my company might be relocating. They want to find a better campus that doesn't force us to walk between buildings. So there's a possibility my commute would be shortened. It's also possible my commute would get longer, but I'm pushing that thought out of my mind.

I also sneaked out for about 2 hours yesterday so Pete and I could meet with our financial adviser (that's right--we're grown-ups now) and then get lunch. It was pretty fun! As I understand it, there are two types: those who charge a fee but then hook you up with the best plans they find across financial institutions, and those who don't charge a fee, but then only sell you the plans that their particular institution offers. We've got the second type, and I am just fine with that. He gave us a run-down on his institution's track record and showed us how well their plans performed in the last few years. They're pretty solid.

Anyway, because it's free, he takes his cut from the insurance companies we'll end up paying. At this point, we're only buying perm life insurance from him, which seems like a really good idea--with this kind of insurance, the younger you are, the better. Also, you can spend the money in your account whenever you want--I think you just need to leave like 5% with them. I won't bore you with an insurance primer (probably can't remember all the important points anyway), but I will say that meeting with him has been completely painless. He ran the numbers for us and we actually have a plan now. Guys, I highly recommend this. Even if you're single, even if you're broke, you can totally benefit from a little planning help!

Another thing I discovered yesterday: Jason's Deli. OMG. Why do they only have two in MN? Soo amazing. 
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1 comment :

  1. Nothing lost is not bad because you're looking phenomenal! Hrm... double negative...

    You'll have to give me the name of the financial planner... might not be such a bad idea.


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