Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-In: Meet My New Friend

Lost 1.8 pounds this week. I'm down to 160.8. Hopefully next week I'll reach my 40 pounds mark.

When I hear the number, it doesn't seem like so much. So many people out there have lost so much more than I have. It's true that some of them count their pregnancy weight (or their immediately-after-pregnancy weight) as their starting point, (and I don't think that's the same as losing non-baby weight). But a lot of people just started higher. It's easier to lose weight when you have more to spare, but I think it's damn impressive to hear about people who started running at 200lbs + or dragged themselves out of an emotional eating habit.

And here's me with my measly 40 pounds. Even when I get to goal, I'll still have only dropped 60/65 lbs. Big whoop. I guess at that point, the distinguishing factor will be how fit I end up, and what I can do at my new weight.

Perhaps my post-goal fitness accomplishments will include something on a bike. Because you know how I've been halfheartedly mentioning, "I really need to get my bike fixed and start biking"? for the past few weeks/months? Finally did something about it!

Monday night, Pete and I took the old girl into Eric's. The mechanic slung her up on his inspection rack while hard-core-biker patrons eyed her disdainfully. He jiggled a few parts, gave a few spins of the pedals, and concluded that the bike was fucked. That derailleur I've been trying to fix? Completely broken, among other things. It would cost the price of a new bike to fix mine in the state she was in.

So we got a new bike. We'd kind of anticipated this in the first place, so we felt prepared to make the investment. We wandered the store, asked questions of the sales staff, and settled on a pretty modest little number--nothing too fancy.

But she's perdy.

My bike doesn't quite fit Pete.

Side-by-side comparison?

Look how little my old bike looks!! The body is longer, but the tires are tiny tiny!

After we purchased her, the mechanic had to keep her to give her one last tune-up, making sure she was in perfect condition. We picked her up last night. And sent the old one to the curb. We'll see if we get any takers.

I took Black Beauty out for a spin this morning. It is SO nice to switch gears whenever I need to. I absolutely loved it! The route I chose ended up taking about a half-hour and wasn't that challenging (thanks to the handy dandy gears), so after I came home, I did the Shred. I think I'll have to do some exploring and find some more hills and a longer loop. I think this bike will be nice for some activity in addition to my workouts: nighttime rides, in-town errands, maybe someday riding to work, etc. I love her. :)
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  1. Yay for a new bike!

    I am so amazed that you have (almost) lost 40lbs! You rock!

    Don't let people with baby weight bring you done, it's kind of a cop out.... Woohoo I lost 30lbs! Yes! What?! I did nothing to loose that, ok not nothing I pushed out a baby....but after that not much. YOU have put in the work and you should be VERY VERY proud of what you have accomplished! Keep it up!

    1. I love you. :)

      I think that having a baby is a miraculous accomplishment on its own. I'm terrified of child birth and anyone who has been through it has earned my supreme respect. Why try to make it into something else?

      For example, when I think about you and your health maintenance, I don't picture you at 8 months pregnant or 1 month post-pregnancy. I would hope most women don't picture that state as their "equilibrium", their starting state!

  2. What a nice bike. I know you're going to use it a lot! I bet you and Pete do some evening rides this fall. I'm excited for you to hit the 40# mark. What an accomplishment and you are so fit!! I'm so proud of you!


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