Wednesday, August 1, 2012

When I Run, I Pretend I'm Doing a Lap Around the Olympic Track

Last night I got some awesome pictures of Cosmo in his cone. Some actually looked a little avant-garde--that lampshade lends an artistic air to the pictures. :)

Of course, I forgot my SD card at home, so I can't post them until tonight or (more realistically) tomorrow.

Anyway, I'll have my weigh-in results to report later, BUT I wanted to share a quick brag update on my workouts. Yesterday I woke up craving a nice, hard workout. After coaxing the puppy to eat his pain meds (you guys, he gets so doped out on this stuff, it's hilarious), I ran two fast miles and then I did the Shred. Those two miles were AWESOME! Because it was such a short distance, I didn't have to worry about reigning in my pace, and I finished in 18:57 min. At a 9:26 min/mi pace.

When I started running, a 13 min/mi pace was good for me. I remember getting so excited about breaking 11 min/mi. I'm really not a natural runner--AT ALL. I remember getting heckled in first grade for my slow running in gym. And I played soccer for 10 years only to get to high school and quit when I realized they actually expected me to run laps during practice (funnily enough, I played left-mid...mid-fielders are supposed to run 5-6 miles per wonder I was on the C squad in junior high). When I started running, I never thought I'd improve in pace. I only hoped for more stamina.

Today's two miles were slightly slower--19:37, at a 9:46 min/mi pace, but still better than normal. I didn't have time to follow that up with the Shred. By the time I got back to the house, it as almost 7:00am, so I had to start cleaning up. Wednesdays are my hectic day. The shorter and faster runs feel great, though. I know that you burn more fat with longer, low-intensity workouts, but pushing so hard just feels way more taxing and I have to imagine it's better than my normal runs in some ways--if only because I'm switching things up. I remember reading a post on another girl's blog about how she's more comfortable running marathons than 5Ks because with the 5K, she pushes harder and doesn't have the time to get into the groove. When I first read it, I thought she was crazy, but it's starting to make sense to me now.

Tonight I have to make an appearance at a happy hour. I don't plan on drinking, and I hope to beg off after an hour, but it still kind of wrenches my night. Then, Pete and I will do dinner and try to catch some Olympic games. So entertaining. Didn't those gymnasts look TINY last night? So young! It blows my mind how short their legs are--Pete told me he read about a gymnast who grew like three inches after quitting the sport. All that centrifugal force must compress them. And then the program switched to the swimmers, who look so stretched out. I told Pete that if we have a son, we should get him into swimming so he can get lanky and have nice shoulders. Unless he's got a dense body like me and sinks like a rock. In which case I think we should get him into...what? Wrestling? Look at that. I tricked Pete into talking about babies with me. ;-)

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  1. Girl you are my running INSPIRATION. The hardest thing about pushing yourself to go faster is to just...make yourself go faster :-(. I've been working on my distance right now but also trying to increase my speed for longer periods.


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