Thursday, September 27, 2012

Behind-the-Scenes with Cosmo. And Corn.

New pic up on the Watch Cosmo Grow page! He's slowing down, but it's still a pretty big difference from last time--especially when you compare how high up his collar comes on the door now with last time. His fur looks really dark in this picture, but I think that's an issue with the flash/lighting. He's still my sesame boy. :)

Anyway, I thought it'd be fun to share some behind-the-scenes pics of our Cosmo photo shoot. I love this dog. 

Our dog is friggin' weird.

LOVE this pic of Pete mocking Cosmo!

Got a run in this morning! I hadn't run in a long, long time--right before the Warrior Dash I was trying to take it easy on my back, so I rode my bike mostly, and then after the Warrior Dash I rode my bike up until the 2-week break. I would like to tell you that it felt AMAZING to be back at it, but really, I felt like I was going to die. My pace was crap and I had to walk for a minute during the third mile because I felt like I was going to throw up. When I came home, I laid down for like a half-hour because the pukey feeling was still there. Aand that's why my hair looks like crap today. Ran out of time.

BUT it's all good! I don't feel like quite such a pile today. And Pete and I have a weight-lifting date tonight. After we set up Halloween--that's priority #1 after work. And, actually, that has to come after a happy-hour I'm going to. Don't worry, I'm still re-focused; I'll be drinking water. 

Got some random schtuff for you guys (all five of you!)...

  • Saw this crazy article yesterday about corn. This is a good reason to avoid products with corn syrup listed high up in the ingredients list. 
  • That article reminded me of this article, which I read earlier in the week. Which basically says that farmers can make bank producing corn thanks to government subsidies (even though corn is one of the least nutritious crops out there). So, basically, the government is funding junk food by focusing so much on corn. Inneresting.
  • And I found THAT article through this one. Which is definitely worth a read. It's not about weight, it's really not. It's about being healthy. So it never hurts to look at your lifestyle and habits with a critical eye, no matter the number on the scale. 
  • AND, getting back to the problem with corn: it's a starch. And all starch breaks down into sugar. I learned this lesson when my dentist told me that eating chips or crackers was just as bad as eating a chocolate fact, it could be worse because the chocolate doesn't get mashed into your teeth and stay there. Now, we're talking in terms of dental hygiene, just to clarify. But nutritionally, starch isn't great--everyone knows that. SO if you're looking for an alternative to crackers, let me update my review of these roasted chickpeas. I made them again, this time not burned, and tried the parmesan-garlic flavor. Delish! 
  • And just to make sure I'm not swapping one starchy, bad food for another, here's the analysis of chickpeas. Beautiful!

OK. That's quite enough links for one day. Peace out!
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  1. Thank you for the watch Cosmo grow picture. He is very photogenic. I'll have to read up on corn when I have more time. Thanks for the links. Glad you're back running. You'll feel amazing again very soon.

  2. Kate! You have such a cute blog! Chris loved your question about his graphic novel today. He emailed me his reponse... and it is LONG. :) Will you send me your email address?

    PS- You make his day!

  3. Love the puppy pictures! He's so cute! Very interesting articles. I've heard a lot of the same thing about corn...basically devoid of all nutrition, but profitable. Now if it just didn't taste so good smothered in butter! ;)


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