Monday, September 17, 2012

Farmers Market!

I'll save you all the insipid details of my weekend and just hit the high points. Pete and I had a very fun date night on Friday, followed by a patio bonfire-for-two. On Saturday we woke up early to hit up the Farmers' Market in downtown St. Paul. Really, we went with the intention of just walking around, but we ended up buying quite the haul, cutting down our grocery list considerably. We couldn't get over how cheap everything was and walked out of there with some great deals. We even had to split some of our spoils with Pete's parents because there's no way we could go through all the produce this week--we're leaving this Thursday for a romantic Wisconsin getaway...yes, such a thing can exist, wise asses. :)

It really was a great deal, until we discovered that the raspberries and lettuce were covered in Minute Pirate Bugs. Ugh! I use this method to clean fruit and veggies (keeps them fresh longer AND cleans them), and I didn't realize there were bugs to fight until I was rinsing the carrots and felt this TERRIBLE ITCHING BURNING HURTING sensation on my forearm (now the site of a nice pink welt). I hate that type of bug! So much! Last year when my sister and I were decorating my front door for Halloween, they attacked us. They feel so awful--the itch is ten times more intense than a mosquito bite and runs through you like lightning. GAH! I spent a very, very long time rinsing my fruit and veggies after that discovery. Think I got them all.

Sunday, Pete hosted a football party and I checked in toward the end (after church). I like the group this year, and I think I might try to make more the parties. I also went on a bike ride with my friend Andrea. It was so fun chatting with her! And we rode very slowly, so my back felt no strain whatsoever. Overall, it was a nice, active weekend with lots of walking and a little biking. And this morning I woke up and took Puppy on a nice, long walk. Speaking of Cosmo, he got to see his cousin George this weekend. Remember George?

Cosmo's bigger than him now. George looks so little these days! That really threw me for a loop. I took a ton of pictures of the two of them and hope to post them soon (tomorrow). For now, better get back to work so I can ditch out on time for my haircut appointment (FINALLY).
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  1. Those stupid bugs! I haven't run into them yet this year but I remember well... eh. Aso, thanks for the fruit wash idea! I'm going to try it.


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