Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Honey Cinnamon Roasted Chickpeas

Inspired by a fitness conversation I had yesterday with a coworker, I woke up this morning and lifted some weights. I still only own one pair of 5-pounders, but I doubled them up for some moves and tried to make good use of gravity and body weight. Wrong idea. My back is so sore today! I need to just cool it and step lightly while I wait for the muscles to heal. I just get so impatient! Plus, biking isn't fun in the morning, when it's dark and cooold. I did go biking last night for an hour (OK, I got a little lost), and it was much warmer then. But also dark. It is terrifying biking down-hill when you're blinded by the headlights from oncoming cars and you don't have a headlight/flashlight of your own. I think my bike rides are going to have to become before-dinner rides...that or Pete and I will have to start eating earlier.

I just don't feel much of a burn on my bike is the problem. But I use my back when I run and I use my back when I lift weights (and I really do try hard not to). What else is there to do? Pilates and yoga videos hurt my back and swimming is totally out of the question (no pool AND that's what strained my back in the first place). The crazy guy who did my massage a few weeks back told me "no exercise at all while waiting for an injury to heal," but I just can't do that. Blarg.

Anyway, I was a cooking fiend last night. While simultaneously making dinner, I whipped up another (half) batch of those no-bake energy balls for Pete to take to work. Then, after dinner, I made honey cinnamon roasted chickpeas (recipe here). I'm putting a half-cup at 5 points plus.

I used a brown silicon baking sheet...which kind of looks like chocolate syrup or something in this picture. Didn't want to mislead anybody.

So here's the thing: You're supposed to roast the chickpeas for 45-60 minutes. I had this brilliant idea, "I'll just pop them in the oven and go for my bike ride!" I asked Pete to keep an eye on them and pull them out if the alarm went off before I got back. In retrospect, that was a terrible idea. Pete was working on some shelves for our dining room (post coming soon!), AND keeping an eye on Cosmo (cowering in the corner of the garage because he is TERRIFIED of the table saw). When I finally found my way back home, the alarm had been going off for probably 10-15 minutes. It turns out Pete couldn't hear it from the garage.

SO. They're not that good. The honey and cinnamon are hardly detectable. But I'm not sure if that's because the chickpeas are too burned or if that's just how roasted chickpeas taste (my first experience). I made like 4 servings of them, though, and I just can't toss them out. It seems too wasteful to me. So I'm telling myself that they're a high-protein snack and forcing myself to eat them anyway. I mean, they're not TERRIBLE. They're just not...good. I decided that applesauce with cinnamon would be a good accompaniment to them, since they just make me so thirsty. But wouldn't you know that I forgot to pack the applesauce today?

I think I'll make them again, maybe using one of the other three flavor combos. But for today, it's burnt honey cinnamon roasted chickpeas for my afternoon snack. I also have cucumbers with a wedge of laughing cow, though, so I can't feel too sorry for myself. And heck, I have back-to-back meetings from 1-3:30, so I'll probably only have time to eat one of these things anyway. Guess which one will win. :)

OH and by the way, it was totally not my fault that I got lost on my bike. One of the sidewalks on my planned route was closed, so I decided to go down further and take the next street over. But the next street wasn't for like a mile and a half. And it wound around. Whoops.

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  1. No comment about your getting lost. You're so cute!!


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