Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Great Oak War

So apparently oak is under attack. Oak is out. Dark floors, dark cabinets, white trim, and gray walls are in. And it DOES look very nice.

You know that this truly is a "thing" and has been for some time if I've become aware of it. I'm definitely not hip when it comes to interior decorating. I'm certainly interested in it, but I really don't know what I'm doing. For example, in our dining room we have GINORMOUS walls. And I really should find a way to make good use of them, but...I got nothing. Luckily, Pete seems to have a better knack for that sort of thing--although I WILL say that the style of the house has improved greatly since I moved in (whether or not that can be attributed to me is up for debate).

Anyway. The oak. It's unfortunate, because Pete loves oak. He replaced all the trim in the house--all the doors, baseboards, window frames, closets, etc.--with nice, heavy oak. The only old wood left is our bathroom vanity, the kitchen cabinets, and the banisters. Now, I don't know if all oak is passe, or if it's just the blond oak (the trim in our house has a little warm red in it), but either way, in this war, we find ourselves standing firmly on the side of the oak. Pete loves natural wood. I mean, even our corner protectors are oak! And actually, I love natural wood, too. I do find myself getting excited about painting projects, but I think it would physically pain Pete to see any wood in our house bastardized so. :)

So, passe though it might be, we're actually putting more oak wood into our house. It looks nice, with the trees just outside our windows.

The latest oak project are shelves for the corner of our dining room.

They'll replace the bookshelf currently there. Clearly, I'd arranged the shelf to design perfection...

...but we thought another shape would work better in the space.

The shelves will go from the floor to the top of the short loft wall. And I can't wait to see how they turn out!

Oh, by the way, while I was snapping some pics of the shelf project, I got a few of my new haircut. We didn't take off much length, but went back to long layers. And I bought some new product to try--a cream that should be lighter than my mousse and maybe make for a more natural look. What do you think?

I love that last picture. I'm not being vain--I just think I look like my dad. See? Check it out--same mouth, similar nose!

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  1. Hey, it's your house you can put oak plank walls if you wanted :) I think you have awesome hair, I wish mine had that kind of curl!

  2. I do like the new product -- it looks less stiff and more natural. And...yes you do look like your dad. For sure in the mouth and you're probably right that the nose is very similar too.
    Love the new haircut by the way and can't wait to see the new oak shelves.

  3. You should probably mention to people that our dad is the one without glasses in the photo. :-) You really do look like him--both you and Geoff take after dad's side. LOVE the new product--I know when I stopped using mousse my hair started looking MUCH better. I'm excited to see it in person.


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