Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Warrior Cometh!

So the Warrior Dash is this Saturday. I'm kind of nervous for it! Here's the course map, if you're interested.

I really want to do well. This is what got me started with the whole running thing to begin with. My sister and I signed up for it back in February and I started running right away! At first I could barely run 1:30min at a time. I trained throughout late winter (running on ice and snow), spring, and summer. Now it's sorta fall and we're getting back to my very favorite running weather, which requires long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and a headband for my ears. Today was the first day to qualify for such a getup, but unfortunately I spent it on my bike because I hurt my back. Again.

The "incident": On Monday, Pete and I went to our friend's house for a "last of the summer" pool party and grill out. I didn't do another belly-flop-dive, but about an hour after leaving the party, my lower back was killing me. I've come to the conclusion that I'm too much of a spazz to swim. This back "injury" really horks up my Warrior Dash prep plan. I'd wanted to run a 5-miler, and then one or two fast 3-milers early in the week so I could take it easy the few days right before the race. That wasn't going to happen. Luckily, I'd done the 5-mile run the morning of the party, so I got that one done. But Tuesday morning I woke up and just the few steps to the bathroom were painful. I knew it would have to be a bike day.

Yesterday, Pete and I decided to run 3 miles to make sure we're both up to a 5k. Pete hasn't run for a long while, and since I suggested we go after work (and not ungodly early), he was game. It was tougher than I thought it would be! I hadn't run that route in a while and I was huffing. I think maybe running longer distances has made me slower--our pace felt grueling, but it really wasn't that impressive: 11:09 min/mile overall. At least we made it. It's the first real run I've been able to do with Pete--for once I wasn't stopped by a sideache or anything.

Ready to run! This is how we both felt heading out the door. :)

I was glad that Pete got to see me in action, even if he's still in way better running shape than me. He went with me on a few runs at the very beginning and was mentioning the other day how he was surprised by how winded I'd get. Heh. I just wish he could come with me in the morning and see me in my prime--I always run best on a completely empty stomach.

Anyway, this morning I needed to take it easy again. My back started to ache the last mile yesterday, so I won't be doing any more running until Saturday. I took my bike out for a spin today and I'll probably do the same tomorrow. I'm not doing any strength training until the race is over because I just can't trust myself not to engage my lower back. I tend to overuse those muscles--I really need to start up my PT exercises again to train my body to leave my back out of it.

But first, I have to get through the Warrior Dash. Actually, first I have to play a double-header with a kickball team I've never met tonight. This will teach me never to feign interest in a coworker's kickball league. Blast. I just hope that I don't stress my back. I might have to play like a sally tonight so I don't compromise my race time.

I think I mentioned before that I have an hour limit--Abbie and I start at 10:30am and Pete starts at 11:30am, so if I want him to see me cross the finish line, I need a good pace. I don't want a sideache to slow me down, so I have to be careful not to eat or drink much that morning. I've been thinking of making those no-bake energy bites that keep popping up on Pinterest. One or two seems like it would be enough to tide me over, but not weigh me down. Anyone tried them before?
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  1. I really hope you accomplish your desired time during the WD so Pete can see you finish but remember it's all about having fun. Take it easy on that back too. Good luck to all of you...Abs included.

  2. Is it tomorrow already?! ;-) Kidding. Can't wait to see you covered in mud, bear!


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