Friday, September 14, 2012

Time for a Break

Uh, a quick Friday post. It's been a crazy couple of days at work. I moved cubes (next to a window now, WHAT UP?), got randomly chosen to chat with the new director of our division over donuts (I just drank water), met a ton of new people from other teams, and heard about some crazy sweeping organizational changes.

By the way, I'm not just a creeper who goes around taking pictures of other peoples' cubes; I was asked to get shots of the move for the division newsletter. :)

I'm afraid that none of this would be appropriate to post. I don't have too much non-work news to report, so this will be a short post. I did want to mention, though, that I'm going to take a break from working out. I'm really not happy about it. But my back just isn't healing--it's hurt since June--and I don't want to push this injury (or strain or whatever) forward with me. I want to be done with it so I can start strength training. I'd already ruled out everything but biking, but that's a terrible plan. I have no other option when it's raining or cold out. And even with just the biking, my back still hurts.

SO I think it's time to just stop it all, use the BioFreeze, and maybe revisit the massage therapist. I've also been thinking of hitting up a chiropractor since two people (masseuse and physical therapist) told me my hips are out of alignment. Maybe an adjustment would help me to place less strain on my back? Anyone ever used a chiropractor? Do they help you for good, or is it one of those deals where you have to go back repeatedly to keep the benefits?

Anyway, I've been afraid to take a break from working out because I do not lose weight nearly as well when I'm not sweating. I've looked into exercises you can do with a back injury, but Google did not come through for me. Every idea I read required a gym membership (ST on machines, recline bikes, etc). I just have free weights, the pavement, a treadmill, a bike, and workout dvds at my disposal. And I'm doin' it rong, apparently because every "laid-back" workout I try hurts my back.

I think I'll start walking more to *try* to offset the inactivity. I'll be taking Cosmo on long morning walks and hopefully getting out of the office more often. But we'll see how long I can stay on break. Like I said, I'm super nervous about it. I'm going to have to be VERY on top of my eating now (phooey). Any and all advice about back injuries is welcome, folks!
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  1. Check with Eileen on the chiropractor. She has a very good one and I'd trust her recommendation. I hope you can get it calmed down so you can get back to your 'normal'. Did you move your cube or did you move your office? and Where??

  2. I've been to a chiropractor before for my headaches. It wasn't for me but mostly because the acupuncture worked better. That is another option for you too. Acupuncture. :-)


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