Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-In: I Don't Care

It was a rough Weight Watchers meeting today. I think I'm getting grumpier and grumpier as the Wednesdays go by. The meetings used to be a little fun, when I had a coworker coming with me. But she flunked out of Weight Watchers, and now I'm stuck in the meetings without anyone nudging me with snarky comments.

And lately I really, really, really need a side of snark with these meetings. Because they are getting brutal. Most attendees are much older than me, which shouldn't be a problem, because I get along just fine with my elders, but this particular group seems to be convinced that everyone else wants to hear every fleeting thought they have. I mean, take these gems I heard today:

"Well I always say that every day is like Saturday except for Sunday when you get the paper. Because not much changes in your routine except for the paper comes once a week. When you're used to working 9-5, Monday through Friday for years and years, retirement's very different. You're home all day...and my husband, well he's most certainly a snacker. You know, we tend to do most of our errands or trips in the day during the middle of the week so we can avoid the weekend crowds or groups or traffic. So we'll go to the bank or the grocery store or the post office in the middle of the week, like a Tuesday or a Wednesday. And that way we can get right in and out. So I don't find the weekends to be too particularly challenging because they're not much different from my typical day..."


"I was going out to Outback Steak House with my goddaughter this weekend and so I hopped on their website to figure out the points and decide ahead of time what I'd be getting. I decided I was going to do a 'shrimp on the barbie' sort of thing. And when I got to the restaurant, I saw that they have an under-600 calorie section to their menu--and that's where the shrimp on the barbie was, because it was under 600 calories. But then I looked and I saw that they had a build-your-own steak meal special going on. And it was 6 ounces of steak -- 3 of which went to my dog this morning. Heh, heh, yeah, he's a lucky little pooch. So it was build your own meal, with 6 ounces of steak, and then I chose the broccoli, and then you could choose a potato or whatever. And it came, and I cut into the steak and it was a little rare for me. And I was hoping that the gal would come back and ask, 'how do you like your meal?' but she didn't--she seemed busy. So I thought, 'Well, I'll just start with the broccoli.' So I ate the broccoli and then eventually she did come back and I told her it was too rare for me and she took it away and came back with a new steak--and MORE broccoli! So I gave some of the broccoli to my goddaughter, because it really was a lot of broccoli. And it was just marvelous. So I had half of my steak, and a good amount of broccoli and then the only thing that didn't go so well is that I had some of the bread that they put out for you. Just a small amount of the bread, though, but that was my worst choice."

UGH. No one CARES. Stop TALKING. It totally gave me flashbacks to when I was temping in a call center, scheduling medical appointments and I had to talk to a woman for FOREVER who, I swear to God, thought she had OD'd on cabbage (she pronounced it "cyabbidge").

I know. I'm such a mean-spirited grump. But srsly. I wonder if there's a way to find a younger meeting? Maybe I need to stop going to a middle-of-the-day one. Maybe I should try a morning or evening meeting. I like the accountability, but I just can't take this group lately.

Anyway. The weigh-in:
Weight: 158.2
Previous: 158.4
Total lost: 41.4

That's 0.2lbs lost. Go me? I knew that taking a break from working out would make things grind to a halt. Ha! Maybe it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. Either way, it's been one week since I last worked out and at least another week before I'll allow myself to get back into it.

Maybe this will be motivation for me to stay "on it" while I'm in Hayward...
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  1. omg, too freaking funny! I would totally ditch that group and go on saturdays, that's when the cool people go {or they did when I used to go} I would shoot myself :)

  2. so this is a good commercial for me not to long for retirement. I'd begin to sound like your co-meeting goers. Just remember that you still lost without exercising. Even if you don't lose ... you didn't gain and that's a good thing.

    Your post was hilarious by the way. I love you!!!

    1. Highly unlikely that you'll ever be anything like these ladies--you're not boring!

  3. Kate you crack me up! That is exactly how my meetings were like when I did WW. I wish they could do it by age sometimes, that would have been so much better.

    1. YES! That would be so nice--and why not? They've got WW for men, right? I also think the length of membership is an important factor, too! I went to a meeting closer to home a few times, but most of the members had joined very recently, so we had to revisit a lot of the basic points. Snore!


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