Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nooks and Crannies

So today I got to work from home, which was awesome! They should let me do that everyday. I was so productive! Although I felt majorly grody for not getting out of my pajamas all day. Pete came home and decided to catch a picture of me in such sorry state (my words, not his). And you know what? Pride be damned, here it is:
Not a bad shot--I think he's going to like our new camera. Ugh, I need to get my skin to clear up. Anyone have any tips for making one's complexion not look like a teenager's?

Anyway, I had to teach a class tonight, so Pete tackled the closet in our guest room.

He just redid the one in our office, putting in a ton of shelving. But we filled up those shelves, so now we're itching for more. I swear to you we are not horders.

His plan is to have this closet finished by the time Abbie comes to visit us Saturday night...

What do you think? Am I getting better?

We also planned out how we're going to do Cosmo's room. I think we worked out a perfect way to build a little cranny for Cosmo that we can gate off when we're at work. Then we won't have to keep him in a cramped kennel. It will be in the corner, between the wall and his kennel. The idea is to use a babygate that swings shut. It will be mounted on the wall and when it swings shut, it will latch onto a hook we'll put on the kennel.  The kennel door will face the cranny so Cosmo can go in it if he wants to. We'll put rubber flooring in that corner so if Cosmo has an accident, it won't seep through the wood floor and ruin that room forever.
 Oh, I forgot to mention that we'll stick a bin or something behind Cosmo's kennel so that the gate is far enough away from the back wall to give him enough room. Maybe it'll be a toy box or something. We can store Cosmo's food in it.

I'm excited about this project!
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Sorry for not posting yesterday. It was kind of a full night! Pete and I couldn't bear to do the grocery shopping on Sunday, so that meant we'd have to drag our sorry behinds to the store yesterday. It ended up being just my sorry behind, though, because Pete's hurt foot was in bad shape. I told him to stay home and take a load off--which to him meant "clean the refrigerator."

I got back and we made a late late dinner, and then I had to edit a paper for my brother because I hadn't done it Sunday (there were a lot of things put off on Sunday, but in all fairness, I was sick). By the time that was done, it was getting late and I didn't have time to squeeze in a post.

But, despite going to bed late, I woke up bright dark and early to go running. I'm in the second week of Couch-to-5k and so far, so good. It's cold as balls when I start with my warm-up walk, but by the end I've got my mittens off and I'm feeling pretty good. And today I got to spend the last ten minutes of my run among falling snowflakes. I kind of liked catching a snowfall that most people didn't get to see today. Except me. And the high school kids walking to the bus stop. And the rude 60-something couple that never ever wave back when I greet them on my runs. Grumpers.

So after my run, it became apparent that we were in for more precipitation. The radio people were trumpeting a "nasty" storm involving "snow, then freezing rain, then ice pellets, then ice pellets, then snow." I spent the whole day at work craning my neck to look out the window sort of near my cube. Finally, at 1pm it started to snow. I decided to duck out early and work from home in the afternoon to avoid the 1.5-hour 5pm commute that seemed inevitable. And then I got home and it stayed bone dry until about 4:30. So I kind of looked like a dope. Thanks, radio friends.

Buuuut then the weather picked up and now we're enjoying the soft pitter patter of "ice pellets and ice pellets"...

...which, as Pete discovered just a bit ago, froze up the drain in our driveway, almost flooded our garage, and sent a roaring river across our side yard, culminating in a huge black lake right next to our neighbor's house. Pete chipped away at the drain and bailed out the garage, later describing the moment as "like something out of Titanic." That man sure references that movie a lot. After he told me about the river, I had to get pictures...

The icy river, from our deck

Street view--the snow had covered up the black lake by the time I got down there

Pete having a Jack Dawson moment
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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Another day, another post! Never mind the fact that I haven't sent this link to anybody, so I have no "followers".

Today Pete is working on cleaning out the room that will eventually be Cosmo's. I'll probably help in a bit, but I'm going to be honest with you: I'm a bit overwhelmed by this project. I went down there while Pete was at Walmart, buying more giant Rubbermaid bins, and I just stood there for a minute before coming up here and sitting down at the computer. See, we've been using that room for storage, so anything that we don't really use but still want to keep went there. Now we have to reassess everything (do I still need my recorder from fifth grade? My flute I can't rightly play anymore?). And we have to find other homes for it. These include:
  • The office, already filling up fast
  • The crawl space, which, I am convinced, is full of bugs
  • The garage, which is packed to the nines with tools

But the prospect of having a room all ready for our little butterball is exciting, so I might rouse myself to help just yet. I did take a picture of the room. A before shot:

Also. The other thing I wanted to talk about...
I got a new camera yesterday. It's a DSLR. A Cannon Rebel T3. As you can tell by the image above, I suck! But my sister is a great photographer and she has promised to teach me the ways. So I'm excited. Lesson number one: don't use manual focus when you're taking a picture of your storage room. It doesn't work when you don't have a particular thing to focus on. So, if you try to take a quick snap, it will focus on NOTHING. Good to know!

Anyways, it's probably time to wrap this up. I'll try to keep the vapidity to a minimum.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

An Introduction

'Sup, party people?

People call me Kate. Or Katie (I prefer Kate). I'm from Minnesota and I live here with my husband, Pete. We're newlyweds, which means our nights and weekends fly by insanely fast and we never have enough time to get our fill of looking at each other dewey-eyed. We live in a house (the Widgeon Nest) that Pete purchased a few years ago. He lived here with some of his buddies and since he moved in he has been slowly transforming it one project at a time. When I joined up with him I started to help. Mostly I brought candles and hung a towel from the refrigerator door. Just kidding. I've done a little more than that. A little.

We're getting a dog named Cosmo. He's still too young to leave his mother, so we won't be able to bring him home for another three weeks. He's a Shiba Inu, which might be the best dog breed in the world. He's darn cute. I'm reading a ton of information about dog training and puppies and jingle jars and the "calm-assertive energy". I feel like an expectant parent, getting my hands on whatever information I can. Cosmo's going to be a very good boy! But enough about him. I'll definitely cover the trials and tribulations of dog ownership here, but there are a few other pet projects I intend to discuss. These include:

  • Getting into shape (via Weight Watchers and c25k)
  • Building a home bar in our basement
  • Other house projects, and oh, there will be plenty
  • Learning how to use a digital SLR camera
  • Jamming with my husband (him--bass, me--guitar) and assorted friends
  • Experimenting with digital animation
  • Knitting--don't judge
  • Other crap that I sink too much time into before I get bored
Come along for the journey, won't you?

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