Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Favorite Running Shoes Link-Up

This weekend while I was in Des Moines for my friend's wedding, I talked to three different people about marathons and half-marathons. I picked each girl's brain about training and got fired up about running. I started the Hal Higden Half Marathon Training - Novice 1 program yesterday. I'm beginning with week 4, because I'm comfortable with this week's distances and I thought I'd be training for a half in Las Vegas at the beginning of March. That's not the case anymore--but my half plans are for another blog post.

While chatting with some of the other girls in the bridal party about running this weekend, we ended up on the subject of running shoes. How appropriate is it that Sarah and Mel are hosting a blog link-up today about them?


I run in a pair of Sauconys. They've got about another 100 miles in them before I should switch them out. I bought them last May and wrote about the experience here.

Because of the HUGE difference they made in my running, because the experience was so helpful, I will probably only buy running shoes from a running store. I just think it's worth it to have your stride analyzed and be paired up with a shoe that matches your gait and foot shape. I'm not much of a snob when it comes to brand--I'm still a penny pincher--but I do think that the shoes you find at a running store are higher quality than what you'll find in a department store.

For example, we were talking about Asics this weekend. Almost everyone loves Asics (although, those who don't love them hate them). I tried on a pair once and felt like I was walking on a cloud. They are NOT cheap, however. One of the bridesmaids told me she bought a pair at Kohls once. But they were awful and wrecked her feet. She believes Asics must have a few levels of shoe--those they ship to Kohls and the like, and those they ship to the Running Room. This would explain the dramatic difference in price, right?

To conclude my rambling, I'm never going to be the person who spends $100 on a pair of shoes, but I will definitely come close with my running shoes. I use them almost every day. So I buy my flats at Target, my heels from the clearance rack at DSW, my boots once in a blue moon, and my running shoes at an actual running store.
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