An Introduction

This blog started in February of 2012, just a few months after I married my adorable husband and a few weeks before we brought home a timid puppy named Cosmo. I was a few months into my weight-loss journey, which has netted me -50 lbs so far. Along the way, I became addicted to running. I've done the half-marathon distance and frequently talk about becoming a marathoner.

We live in the Widgeon Nest, which is constantly changing because my husband Pete is obsessed with home improvement. Occassionally I'll be the second shooter on a project, but I prefer to shop for candles, sew pillows, and hot-glue embellishments. My skills are limited. But Pete? He's a self-taught carpenter, electrician, plumber, and landscape artist with a tape measure and Youtube in his back pocket. He's something else.

More about Pete

In addition to house projects, we spend our free time drawing, watching documentaries, making music (guitar and bass), hopping around the Midwest, and training Cosmo, who is perfect. When he's not stealing socks, chewing the floor, and digging up the backyard.

More about Cosmo

In my not-free time, I work as a tech writer for a software company where I'm alternately called "kid" and "killer". I don't know what that says about me.

Now that you know my story, tell me yours!

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